Learn to Write Children’s Books – It’s Recession Proof!

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Girl with book(Submityourarticle.com) – Learn to write children’s books and you will be able create a recession proof income and lifestyle for you and your family. It’s true! There are thousands of ordinary people worldwide who are now making an extra income or even a very nice full time income by writing books for children.

It has been proven by Bookscan, a division of Neilson Research that despite the worldwide economic downturn, the sales of children’s books has defied logic. Sales in the genre actually increased by 6.2% for 2007-2008. This is a great market you should learn to be a part of.

There are many authors who have published large numbers of books, and continue to do so on an ongoing basis.  Imagine! They have done all the hard work of learning the process that is required and all you need to do is follow their advice and you too, can carve a path to success as a writer of children’s books!

I’ve listed below some of the things you need to learn if you want to become a children’s book author and this information is available to you with a little research.

- Learn what you need to know before you start writing your book

- Learn the different types of children’s books

- Learn why children’s fiction is different from other fiction

- Learn what is important in children’s fiction

- Learn how to create believable characters

- Learn to write great dialogue

- Learn to write what children want to read

- Learn how to ensure you keep the reader ‘hooked’ after the first page

- Learn to show your reader instead of telling them

- Learn how to plot and create your book

- Learn to edit and polish your work to a professional standard

- Learn the most common problems novice writers face

With this knowledge you can produce great books with all the right content. This will have you on your way to getting your first book published before you know it! It sounds all too easy doesn’t it? What do you do after you have written this great book? Well, you probably need a bit more information on things like…

- Formatting your manuscript

- Researching the marketplace

- Preparing your submission

- Submitting your book to royalty paying publishers

- Finding resources and courses available to you

Learn these skills when writing your children’s books and you will be off to a flying start. Learning should never stop! If you could learn how to think your way to success and how to find the time to write every day, you can learn to write great children’s books. Publishers will be knocking your door down to get their hands on your great book.

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