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Her Busy Life – Book Review

Each month Her Busy Life will be reviewing a Book. If you would like to join our book club, read what we’re reading and contribute to our reading list click here: Her Busy Life – Book Club. As a member of the HER BUSY LIFE’S BOOK CLUB you can submit your book reviews to us for a chance at winning, Her Busy Life – Best Book Review of the month. Your article will be featured in our Books section and you will receive free-e-books and other prizes. This month we are previewing/reviewing a great new book by Lynn Hirshfield called GIRLS GONE GREEN. The book will be in stores February 23rd. Go Get it.

GIRLS GONE GREEN – By Lynn Hirshfield


Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, Ellen Page – everyone’s going green these days, but saving the environment is a large task for anyone to take on,especially a teenager. The everyday green girls profiled here have a passion to do just that – from creating a cosmetics line free of toxic chemicals to trying to conquer global warming to encouraging the use of wind power. To learn more about the book and the author Click GIRLS GONE GREEN