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Her Busy Life recently met-up with Ryan Cassaday and Dr. Jessica Cassaday, authors of ‘Stop Wondering If You’ll Ever Meet Him’.

Stop Wondering Method

Stop Wondering Method

They are dating and relationship experts who have their fingers on the pulse of what has become a cultural epidemic: Women just like you feel anxious, frustrated, and disappointed by the dating process. But they do more than provide gimmicky solutions while telling you what’s wrong with your dating life; they teach you how to date by giving you a system that works

Does it work? Well, as friends and longtime business partners, Ryan and Jessica were dating other people when they began writing this book. However, during the time they were working on this project, they began dating each other. They followed their own system and fell more and more in love. After a year of dating, they were married in Ireland.

So What Is the ‘Stop Wondering Method?’

The ‘Stop Wondering Method Method’ is a step-by-step process that guides people in their search for love. It’s instrumental in telling readers exactly what to do at every stage in the dating process: from the search for the right person to the very first spark of chemistry through the first, second, third dates and beyond. It’s a dynamic, comprehensive, easy-to-follow system that empowers women. You won’t wonder what to do on dates anymore or wonder how far to go or wonder if you are exclusive. You just need to follow the system and it will lead you down the path to a relationship. (Read More…)