Black Friday Business Expands

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Forecasts for the holiday shopping season are mixed but one thing certain is that Black Friday is here to stay.

The Amount of Black Friday shoppers will increase from 195 million last year to 200 million this year with more people looking to save on Christmas gifts during this tough time.

With a greater amount of shoppers the total amount of Black Friday spending will increase, yet only very slightly, Continue reading “Black Friday Business Expands” »

Keep Your Clothes Fresh And Clean

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For most of us, the changing season also means changing out your wardrobe — a time to pack away one set of clothing and pull the new season’s attire out of storage. With some helpful know-how and the right products, you’ll look your best during all four seasons.

Here are some tips to keep your clothing in great shape and ready-to-wear once winter, spring, summer or fall approach:

* Proper storage containers are key: Store clean clothes in a freestanding closet, storage bags or a heavy-duty plastic bin. Using these types of containers helps your clothing remain free of pests and outside odors.

* Pick the right place: The ideal location is one that maintains a cool, even temperature and is well-ventilated and away from artificial light.

* Easy refreshing: To quickly refresh your entire seasonal wardrobe without spending a lot of time and money on laundry and dry cleaning, consider Rowenta’s Pressure Iron & Steamer. Another great option is to invest in a garment steamer such as the Rowenta Precision Valet, ideal for steaming garments and furnishings around the home.

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