Cell Phones Pose Potential Health Risks

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Research about cell phone radiation has not been definitive, however, we do know that there are potential health risks. Cell phones emit electromagnetic waves, a type of non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing is less harmful than other types of radiation, though it has been found that it can penetrate the body and harm sensitive tissue. Short term studies have not shown an association between cell phone use and cancer, however long term studies over a period of 10 years have shown that frequent users have a higher risk of developing cancer in areas on the side of their head where they typically hold a phone…

Wrap Text around ImageMore studies are finding that cell phone radiation can also increase risk for migraines, vertigo, and Alzheimer’s disease. The findings associated with cell phone use are alarming, but it is no reason to stop using them altogether. Here is a list of tips to decrease your exposure to radiation and reduce your risk for any potential health problems.

Use a headset or speaker while talking on the phone.
Listen more and talk less.
Text instead of call.
Keep phone away from soft tissue.
Buy a low-radiation phone.
Stay off the phone if you have a weak signal.
Don’t use “radiation covers.”
Limit children’s phone use.

For more information about cell phone radiation, visit Environmental Working Group, or view their entire report online. Also check out their Cell Phone Radiation Report to see how dangerous your phone is.

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