Diabetes: Signs to Look Out For

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It’s very important to be able to spot diabetes signs at a very early stage in the disease . Here are the top 11 most common and easiest to spot signs:

Have You Suddenly Started To Lose Weight? The body weight of the person has a great link in determining whether you are suffering from diabetes. Diabetics are generally overweight. However when the diabetes starts to set in sudden weight loss occurs. This is due to the fact that the body suddenly begins to use body fat stores for nutrition and energy .

Are You Suffering From Frequent Urination? Frequent trips to the rest room are the classical symptoms of diabetes. This occurs because the body is unable to reabsorb water . Because of the sudden increase in glucose present in the body, the kidneys are busy flushing and extracting more water than usual .

Are You Suffering From Unquenchable Thirst? This relates to the frequent urination . To restock the supply of water the body gives signal that it is extremely thirsty.

Are You Feeling Extreme Hunger Specially Soon After Eating? Because the body is continually breaking down tissue, it feels as though it must feed constantly . The cells of the diabetic person are in the state of starvation specifically if left untreated at the mercy of diabetes.

The above mentioned diabetes signs are trademarks of this disease. These symptoms can never be exempted from the rocky path of diabetes. These are the classic warning signs and should not be ignored . If you spot any of the above you should get tested right away .

There are 7 other warning signs of diabetes that can help the person to diagnose the problem.

Blurriness in Vision: The increased blood flow towards the retina of the eye cause the vision of the diabetic person to blur.

Dryness of Skin: The diabetics generally have to experience itchy or dry skin.

Numbness or Tingling In Extremities: This symptom can better be explained by a heart beat in hand or feet. Though sounds ridiculous but it is the explanation of numbness feeling.

Slow Healing Cuts and Wounds: The breaking down of the tissue can also slow the healing process .

Recurrent Vaginal Infection in Women: Women suffering from diabetes may often experience yeast or vaginal infection.

Tiredness or Fatigue: If a person feels fatigued or tired even after the routines work then it is better to have tested.

Irritability: The above mentioned changes in the body cause the person to get irritated or feel depressed.

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