Know the Warning Signs for a Heart Attack

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• Sudden Chest Discomfort: It is a misconception that heart attacks always cause severe chest pains. Some people feel pressure or “discomfort” in the center of their chest.

• Arm, Neck and Jaw Pain: Nerve signals from the chest can be misread by the brain’s pain center leading to pain originating in the arms (especially the left arm), neck and jaw. These pains can be independent or in combination with chest pain.

• Nausea or abdominal symptoms: Women are especially prone to indigestion-like symptoms during a heart attack. If you do not suffer from acid reflux and feel heartburn, abdominal pain, or nausea, call your doctor.

• Sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath: Sudden weakness or difficulty breathing, especially when combined chest discomfort and sweating, are signs of a heart attack.

If You’re Having a Heart Attack

• Call 911: Having someone drive you to hospital is not the quickest option because EMS workers can begin treating you the second they arrive. Also, patients tend to receive quicker treatment in the emergency room if they arrive via ambulance.

• Chew one whole aspirin: Its anti-clotting properties can help to offset damage. Chewed aspirin enters the bloodstream quicker than swallowing it whole.

• Stay calm: If you panic you are more likely to have a sudden cardiac arrhythmia that could be fatal. Take slow, deep breaths.

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