Memory Boosters Are Food For Thought

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• Salmon – Studies have shown that omega-3 fats are important for the brain and new research shows that one of them, DHA, is helpful in preventing cognitive decline. A study in 2007 shows people who regularly used walnut oil, flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed had a lower risk of dementia.

• Leafy greens – Full of vitamin E and folate leafy greens are very important for overall health and especially brain health. Studies show that older adult’s regularly eating leafy green vegetables have slower declines in brain function and perform better on cognitive tests than those who don’t eat them.

• Turmeric – This spice gives curry its vibrant color is linked to the low incidence of dementia among elder villagers in India. Recent studies show that seniors who regularly eat curry performed better on cognitive tests. Turmeric has also shown in animal studies to prevent plaque build up associated with Alzheimer’s.

• Berries – Cranberries and raspberries have the highest concentration of antioxidants among fruits and may help protect against brain cell degeneration. British study shows that eating a lot of blueberries can enhance spatial memory as well as learning, most like due to the fruit’s high content of flavonoids.

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