Quick Tips for Better Health: Heal the Burn, Be Fit, & Listen to the Music

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  • Use aloe vera gel instead of hydrocortisone cream to reduce pain and speed healing for sunburn because topical corticosteroids won’t help with burn severity.

  • Visit adultfitnesstest.org to find tests for fitness, strength, and flexibility and enter your scores to see where you rank in your age group.

  • Lower your blood pressure by listening to music and breathing deeply. People with hypertension who listened to slow, rhythmic music while taking abdominal breaths cut down on systolic and diastolic pressure.

  • Don’t wear flip flops all the time. Although fine for a day at the beach flip flops don’t have good arch support. Wearing flip flops all the time can alter your gait and cause leg or foot pain so stick to shoes or sandals with arch support