Recipe Makeover: Make Family Favorites Healthier

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(ARA) – Many favorite comfort foods are chock-full of fat and calories. But a few simple tweaks can transform familiar favorites into delicious and nutritious meals your family will ask for time and time again.

The nutrition experts at the Mayo Clinic share their top five tips for healthy recipe makeovers that cut the calories and keep the taste:

1. Reduce the amount of sugar and play up the other flavors by adding increasing the amount of spice the recipe calls for. Replace half of the fat in baked goods with applesauce or mashed banana.

2. Make whole wheat toast instead of using white bread. Add fiber by using whole wheat pasta. Replace whole milk with one percent or fat-free milk.

3. Leave out items like mayonnaise, butter and syrup to reduce sugar, fat and calories.

4. Strive for a variety of foods and reasonable portion sizes. If, when dining out, you’re served a huge portion of food, immediately ask them to box up half of it.

5. Instead of frying, try baking, broiling or grilling. Instead of sauteing, try steaming.

For more healthy cooking tips, visit For recipes check out the “Fix-it and Enjoy-it Healthy Cookbook” which can be found at

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