Shape Up Your Mind, Body & Soul

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Fitness comes in many forms so get ready to work out your brain, your body, your brew and your life with these ideas from Self Magazine:

• Brain power ─ Make exercise seem like fun and you’re more likely to do it more often. Imagining what you could do to get moving can help more than conjuring up a reason why you should go to the gym.

• Physical therapy ─ Meditative qualities of exercise can help your reaction to stress. Repetitive activity evokes your body’s natural relaxation response to help calm you.

• Brew benefit ─ Replenish glycogen in your body, it will help you go farther and faster. Drinking caffeinated beverages can raise the glycogen in your muscles more than 66 percent than having a caffeine-free beverage.

• Work from home ─ Get exercise expertise from home on websites such as For only $10 a month, a membership buys access to routines using balls, bands, reformers and more.

• Seeing is believing ─ Receiving positive email with images of exercisers has been proven to up people’s gym time by 54%. Sign up for an exercise newsletter such as Get-Fit Move of the Week from for motivation.

• On the record ─ Watch yourself burn off calories and the distance you’ve gone with a wireless fitness tracker system. These clip-on transmitters send your step count to a watch. Check out the Timex Ironman Wireless Fitness Tracker System ($90).