Small Changes Add Up To a Healthy Life

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Weil: • Add fruit to your breakfast: Including fruit at your morning meal provides a head start on your daily quota of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals-without lots of calories.

Just Breath!: Practice breath work or some form of slow, deep breathing for at least a minute a day to help decrease stress. When you’re driving, working or lying in bed, practice breathing deeply regularly.

• Stand more, sit less: Sitting for long periods strains your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. Stand up periodically to stretch your legs or take a phone call. Being conscious of your sitting posture and developing strong core muscles to support your spine also lessens the tendency to hunch or slouch in your chair.

• Slow down and chew: Fully chewing your food before swallowing it, downing a drink, or taking another bite will delay your pace at mealtime. To ensure a pause, set your utensil down between mouthfuls.

• Substitute tea for coffee: Instead or reaching for that second cup of coffee, choose a good-quality tea. Most teas offer a gentler caffeine buzz, and their antioxidant polyphenols make them a healthier choice.

• Seek silence and find quiet time: Escape noise “clutter” by taking a timeout for tranquility. A rest for the mind and a spa for the spirit, the silence soothes jangled nerves and stress-addles brains. Find 10 minutes of quiet each day.

Self Healing.

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  • Diane Corriette

    I have found deep breathing really helps me to relax and just let go. Even if I only have a few seconds to close my eyes and breathe it really makes all the difference