Want to Eat Right? Try These Tips!

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  • Farm raised tilapia is low in omega-3 fatty acids and high in the potentially harmful omega-6 variety. Salmon topped the list of omega-3 rich fish, so aim to have it two times per week.
  • Make your mashed potatoes healthier by cooking them whole. Slicing spuds before boiling them cuts mineral content by as much as 50 percent.
  • Maintain a daily food log to reap major weight loss rewards. A study showed participants who recorded their intake lost twice as many pounds in six months as those who didn’t keep a journal.
  • We gobble an extra 619 calories per day between Thanksgiving and January 1. Keep the scales steady by limiting your liquid calories.
  • Dieters who ate plenty of unsaturated fats lost more weight than lowfat fans. Fill up on produce, fish, legumes, olive oil and nuts.
  • Your workweek might make it easier to eat right. People chow more on Saturday than they do on any other day.
  • Tired of takeout? Crack open Quick and Easy Chinese (Chronicle Books). It offers simple recipes to help you re-create favorite menu picks such as moo shu pork, plus sources for hard-to-find Asian ingredients.