Gifts That Keep on Giving & Greening

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By Alegre Ramos

Eco-friendly gifts keep on giving and giving by lightening their user’s load on the planet and by ensuring your loved ones live healthier lives. Not only that, but these gifts are great for the “person who has everything” or if you want to give something that is as practical as it is thoughtful. Here are my top “Great Green Gifts” available at Green and Greener in Valley Villlage, CA. Get 10% off by using the promo code “BT” until 12/31/10.

Reusable dry-cleaning bag and/or garment bag: Plastic is one of the great evils of our modern world. Lessen your impact with this lovely cotton reusable dry-cleaning bag, made in the USA. Only $20. For a really special gift, have it embroidered.

Stainless Steel Drink Bottles: Who doesn’t need a water bottle, and the earth and health benefits of this gift are many. Stainless steel is non-leaching and doesn’t have the bisphenol-A chemical associated with aluminum or plastic bottles. Not just that, but tap water costs about 10,000 times less money than bottled water meaning these bottles pay for themselves in as little as 2-weeks.

Paintable Cardboard Barn: Not just a toy, but an activity. Great for a party too. Includes water color kit for painting and 100% recyclable/biodegradable if your child ever tires of it.

Alegre Ramos is a Green living expert who has spent her life educating herself on how to live a healthier life giving up soda at 11, nail polish at 18 (except for her wedding!) and hair chemicals at 20. Her studies include a background in anthropology, socially responsible entrepreneurship and interior design. She is co-owner of the eco-living general store and design center, Green and Greener in Studio City, CA.