Stages of Meditation

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Described by His Holiness as a key that opens the door to all other major Buddhist scriptures, Kamalashila’s classic text Stages of Meditation has been revered by Buddhists of all traditions since its creation. Presenting the essence of the entire Buddhist Path to Enlightenment in 10 short chapters, Kamalashila’s text places particular emphasis on calm abiding meditation and special insight. It demonstrates how carefully structured and conceptually informed meditation sessions serve as the bridge between the philosophical tenets of Buddhism and insight in the mind of practitioners. Over the course of five inspiring days, by reference to Kamalashila’s text, His Holiness the Dalai Lama demonstrates how the nature of awareness, developed through meditative practices can be transformed into the direct perceptual wisdom necessary to achieve enlightenment itself.
By P. Holloway
The Stages of Meditation Teachings were beautifully filmed and recorded and have been re-produced, in its entirety, in a 10 DVD set. The DVD set includes the extraordinary Public Talk His Holiness gave in The Dome on Saturday June 14. The Public Talk was entitled ‘Finding Purpose in Life’. The 10 DVD set includes full Chinese and Vietnamese translations of the full 21 hours.