Video Exposes Toxins Found in Fetuses

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Once in a great while, a video that contains so much truth it cannot be ignored. 10 Americans is one such video. It is a live presentation given by Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, detailing the hundreds of toxins found by analyzing the blood of ten average Americans.

The real impact of this video comes from the fact that these ten Americans, at the time of the analysis, had yet to be born. And the number of chemicals found in their umbilical cord blood was astounding—287 of them, to be precise. There were 28 different waste byproducts of the sort that are emitted from incinerators and smokestacks, 47 consumer product ingredients such as flame retardants, and 212 industrial chemicals and pesticides banned a full 30 years before the samples were taken. Read more of the article.

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