Empty Nesters

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If you have spent most of your years in guiding and grooming your children so they can have an independent and successful life, you may think that once they leave home, you will have a sense of freedom or accomplishment. You can recognize some of your important work and your responsibility as a mother is finally over as your children start college or move on to a married life. But there are lots of empty nesters, particularly mothers who are left feeling purposeless and in limbo.

This should not be the case because if you know how to cope with these unexpected emotions of what experts call as the empty nest syndrome, you can be able to make this phase of your life as one the most momentous and significant transition in your life.
Regardless of the situation you find yourself in as one of the typical empty nesters, there are several steps you can take to help make this transition a whole lot easier on your part and in the process, help you enhance your life. Instead of mourning for the ones you lost, take it in a positive note and take advantage of this opportunity for you to do something good for yourself. Your children are not gone forever. If they are in college, you will still have back at your home during the holidays. A lot of empty nesters take the chance of finding a new career they can explore rather than sitting at home and becoming a housewife for their whole lifetime.

Once the transition stage has been dealt with, majority of empty nesters are able to move on with their lives and enjoy newfound success in other aspects of their lives. As a mother, you are not expected to spend most of your life tending your nest. When your children left home, it should be an opportunity for you to provide yourself a chance for exploring other things you desire doing but you just were not able to accomplish because you are too busy watching over your nest. Now that it is empty, embrace the opportunity and pay extra attention to yourself and things you love doing the most.

To be successful just like other empty nesters that were able to combat their condition, you must focus your attention towards developing a habit of carefully listening to your heart. For years, you have unselfishly taken care of your nest and you have ignored your own self for the most part. Now that you have all the time for yourself, this is the best opportunity for you to take and have a wonderful life ahead. Understand the fact that when you continuously ignore your own emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, you are putting a restriction on your own ability to be present for anyone when they need you the most. Have you forgotten the time when all your time was spent looking after your kids, doing laundry, keeping the household intact? This is the best time for you to treat yourself well just like the way you treated your nest when it was full with your kids.