New football helmet technology aids in concussion reduction

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(ARA) – Every football season nearly 35,000 players are admitted to the hospital for head-related injuries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Thousands of other concussions will go undetected at the high school and college football level.

Every football player wears a helmet, so why are so many football players at all levels at risk for traumatic brain injuries?

Xenith, a company dedicated to health and safety in sports through innovation and education, has developed a new football helmet called the X1. Unlike traditional helmets, it adapts to both a player’s head size and the force of each hit through a unique technology called Adaptive Head Protection. The unique fit system allows for instant customization to the size and shape of a player’s head, allowing the helmet to stay in place upon impact. Unlike traditional helmets, no inflation is needed.

The helmet features a suspension of adaptive air-filled shock absorbers, which allows the helmet to adjust its compression to the magnitude and direction of each impact. The design reduces the sudden movement of the head on every hit, reducing the risk of brain injury.

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