Women In Entertainment

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Men in movies are lost without women. I mean, an action-packed movie is not complete without the presence of a beautiful woman that satisfies the machismo of the tough leading man. James Bond, for example, is surrounded my many gorgeous lady villains and love interests for without them, James Bond will not be as hot as he is today. Aside from his amazing gadgets, women make him more appealing to audience especially to action flick fans who wanted to be like Bond. Women are not mere decorations in these kinds of movies, as many people think, but they add meaning to the whole story. If you want to make a realistic movie, whatever it is, women will always be there because there is no place on earth where men can live without women.

Women have been contributing greatly in the world of entertainment. For without them, it would have been a boring reel life and real life. As the saying goes, “In every man’s success, there is always a woman behind” and the entertainment world won’t be successful enough without them. The likes of Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson, name it, all these women are as powerful as men or maybe, we can say, they are more powerful than men because they have the money, the looks and the power to bring any man on his knees.

But according to the survey conducted, crimes committed against women, such as rape or sexual assault, have risen due to many movies showing violence against women and sexy music videos. According to some psychologists as well, that men get the idea of raping and torturing women from the movies they see such as Wrong Turn, Captive, and other movies that show violence against women. It was even suggested that women should stop appearing in such violent flicks. But will it stop or lessen these crimes against women? Maybe, yes and maybe, no. Maybe, authorities are missing the point that movies only mirror what’s happening in the world. Although there is violence against women in movies or sexy actresses and music talents in music videos dancing provocatively in their skimpy dresses, it would be unfair to say that these triggered rape, sexual assault and other crimes of violence against women. It only means that perpetrators have a deeper reason for doing such and these crimes are often caused by an abnormal emotion or a violent frame of mind.
The film and music entertainment industry may have some negative effects to some viewers but these negative effects won’t overshadow its many benefits. Besides, it can never be denied that women have always proven their importance in any sector of different societies, in any country or territory. Women have the right to be protected but not to point of shutting them out from the entertainment scene. Entertainment businesses need women as much as most of us need women in our lives because women simply make the world of men go round.

Written by S.E.