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When you go online and try to find something to keep you amused, you may spend far too time sifting through websites that are not appropriate and anything but amusing. Finding the right funny blogs that you can follow every day or on a regular basis can be a challenge, despite the number of blogs and sites that are available.Searching for funny blogs can also be overwhelming because there is an endless number of sites and columnists and bloggers you can follow. This too can mean far too much time trying to read all of them and get something amusing and useful out of them. Following any type of columnists whether online or in print should not be something that detracts from your day but something that adds to it. When you want to follow funny blogs online you don’t want to be wasting time online reading all of them; this defeats the purpose.So how do you find some informative and useful yet funny blogs that aren’t offensive but that still give you some amusement? Finding anything online means knowing how to look and how to search for the right site; here are some tips.

Being more specific.

When you search online for anything you need to use some keywords to help you find what you’re searching for. If you need funny blogs that are geared toward women over 40, use that phrase. If you’re looking for something that is geared toward home and family, use those words as well. This means finding the right websites and the right funny blogs for you without having to filter through those sites that don’t offer these or that aren’t geared to a specific audience.When searching online for funny blogs you don’t want to be overly specific as this will cancel out many sites that may be appropriate. For instance, you don’t want to search women over 40 de-stressing from family problems funny blogs. If the search engine can’t find all those terms on a website, it won’t bring it back to you in its search results.

Making your selection.

How do you select from all the funny blogs you see online and know that the ones you follow will be informative and useful? One thing to do is to read past blogs and see how you respond to them. If their past work is appealing to you then you know that their future work will be to your taste. However if their past funny blogs are offensive or off-color or not useful, it’s good to move on.One thing you shouldn’t do when finding funny blogs is to spend too much time trying to make your decision. Remember that these are simply to be amusing and a nice distraction from your day. If you’re looking to funny blogs for marriage advice or something more serious, you may want to consider a real counselor or someone with real credentials that can help you better.