Green Dog

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Family pet dogs certainly bring a lot of fund and joy to our families particularly when you have children. Dogs enjoy a special privilege within our households and when they are properly taken care of, they can become our best friends for life. But with the growing awareness for the environment, as a dog owner, you can certainly do your part to make your pet into an eco-friendly green dog by making wise and informed decisions with regards on you how you provide care and nourishment for your pet. So if you want to make your dog into an environment friendly dog, here are some suggestions you can take into consideration.” If you have no pet dog yet and you are strongly considering having one, why not adopt a pet instead of buying one from an expensive breeder.

This is certainly an eco friendly move and your pet will be considered as a green dog since it is like recycling something to put it bluntly. To date, there are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs all over the country and your local pound will be too glad to have you adopt one dog or two depending on your capacity to provide shelter, nourishment, and care. Not only will you be able to save money from buying it on your local pet store, but you will also be saving dog’s life from cruelty and lack of care.

Spaying a dog can also be considered a green move. Although some will think that this is inhumane for disallowing them to breed, you will actually be saving a lot of lives because there are pet owners who give away the litters of their pets to just about anyone are soon left on the streets to fend for themselves.

Studies also show that spayed or neutered pets can have a much longer and healthier lives and it can also reduce risk for uterine cancer among female dogs and testicular cancer in males as well as other related prostate diseases. ” If you really want to make your pet a green dog, it is important for you to start on the food you feed him or her. Going organic is not a poor choice and it is often a healthy choice if you know the real contents of the synthetic feeds you buy for your dog. Majority of pet foods today contain ingredients that can cause long term harm on your pet. Support the health of your dog by giving it proper nutrition derived from organic materials and not synthetic. Always look for the FDA approval seal to make sure the feeds you are using meet the industry standards.

Using organic pet care products and accessories as well as related cleaning products are also considered as a green move.

There are lots of ways to make your pet a green dog. By going organic and natural, not only will you making your own contribution to saving the environment but you can also help your pet dog live a much healthier lifestyle.