Eco-Stiletto: Alex Elman Sees Greatness

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EcoStiletto: What does being eco-friendly mean to you?

Alex Elman: I think it means taking care of the environment. I can’t say I’m always 100% eco-friendly, but we do the best with what we have, and what we can do to protect our earth, air, animals and world—especially since so many horrible diseases are environmentally borne.

ES: What are some of your favorite eco-beauty essentials?

AE: I use Jane Iredale makeup—she’s a friend of mine, and she was the first one to do mineral makeup. I love her stuff. In all honesty, I was blessed with very good skin, which lets me be a little lazy. And, again, I’m being honest here—I don’t always wash my face at night. And if I wear natural products, it helps me get away with it.

ES: Speaking of getting away with things, what’s your worst eco-sin?

AE: The worst is that my car, which I’ve had for a while, is a Ford Expedition. I love that it is so comfy, and that I can drive cases of wine around, with plenty of room for my dogs. I hate that it gets really bad gas mileage. Having a big, comfy bio-diesel car would be so great—one that I could run on French-fry grease.

ES: What is the one thing that we all can do today to make the world a greener place?

AE: I think one of the main things is that we need to not be such a disposable society. Everything today is made in an inferior way from plastic—I hate plastic. And why get a new computer every two years? Why throw away TVs and computer monitors and dishwashers? Things can be made better. There are ways to do and make things and we’re just not doing them, we’re not paying attention. As a global society, we’ve just gotten really lazy.

ES: Who’s your eco-hero and why?

AE: I have several. One is Jane Iredale. Also, my mother Dorothea, because she’s been an eco freak forever. The woman responsible for saving my life is a master herbalist named Andrea Candee. One more is Alice Waters, founder of the Slow Food movement. As she shows, we can eat seasonally and live off the land. It is not impossible. Just 30 years ago, that’s how we were doing it. And we can do it now.

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