Eco-Stiletto: Is It Hot On This Planet Or Is It Just Me?

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Global warming sure has things messed up when it comes to fashion. Stores are stocked with warm clothes for bundling up, while outside the heat wave’s just hitting in some parts.

Think style’s got it bad? Not to bring you down or anything, but scientists are predicting that 2010 could be the hottest year on record, according to the Center for Biological Diversity. In Russia, heat and drought have destroyed a fifth of the nation’s wheat crop; in August, Greenland lost a 100-square-mile chunk of ice—its largest in nearly half a century. If things continues at this rate the entire ice mass could disappear, raising sea levels by as much as 23 feet. Katrina could be a drop in the bucket: Think about what happens to low-lying New Orleans when the ocean meets the levees.

What to do? Keep on pressuring your Senator to pass meaningful climate legislation. Then bundle up (or cool off) in eco-knits perfect for layering up or down.

Think cashmere’s a sustainable fabric? Think again. Conventional cashmere is overproduced, undermanaged, and typically treated with heavy metal dyes and synthetic chemical finishes to make it flame-, bug- and felting-resistant. Ick. In contrast, hessnature by Eviana Hartman uses only pure, chemical-free, sustainably-produced cashmere from Mongolia that’s dyed—heavy metal free, natch—in a closed loop system. Perfection! Their snuggly hoodie is pictured above, but we’re drooling over this slinky slouch hat in any weather.

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