Eco-Stiletto: Life Is ‘Blooming’ for Model and Eco-Entrepreneur

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By Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

You may not have known Miranda Kerr’s name before last year—when she became a paparazzi magnet by marrying Orlando Bloom a month after announcing their engagement, then confirming her pregnancy a few weeks later—but you’d certainly recognize her face. The supermodel has posed for everyone from Jil Sander to Prada, and her girl-next-door, dimpled beauty has made her a Victoria’s Secret favorite—both on the runway and off. But this model citizen really takes environmentalism to heart: Creating the KORA Organic Skincare line, supporting causes like Wildlife Warriors Worldwide—and posing naked and chained to a tree on the cover of Rolling Stone to protest the lack of a protected habitat for the endangered koala. I traded emails with Miranda from her native Australia, where she was waiting out the end of a joyous pregnancy, documented beautifully by Australian Vogue and W magazines. Miranda and Orlando welcomed their baby boy into the world on Thursday, January 6th. Part One of Four.

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff: You’re expecting a baby in January, congratulations! How are you feeling?

Miranda Kerr: I’m loving being pregnant, it has been such a wonderful experience. At this stage my back is aching more but knowing we have created a new little life and feeling that life growing and moving inside of me far outweighs any discomfort. It’s such an exciting time!

RLS: You’re probably best known for your work with Victoria’s Secret—being the first Australian to wear the wings—and you’re consistently voted one of the world’s sexiest models. With such a professional focus on your body, is it strange to watch it change shape so dramatically with the baby?

MK: It’s definitely a whole new experience but one that I am embracing. It’s fascinating to watch the baby grow and my stomach expand on a daily basis and I’m really loving it.

RLS: When did you first become interested in environmentalism?

MK: I grew up in Gunnedah, a small country town in rural New South Wales Australia, where I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by nature and organically grown produce. This really taught me to be environmentally conscious. I think it is important if we all are aware of the small changes we can make on a daily basis like recycling, using energy efficient light bulbs, eating and using organic products, taking shorter showers, etc.

RLS: What’s the biggest green change you’d like to make in your life—even if it’s impossible right now?

MK: Living in a solar powered house with a veg patch out the back.

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