Eco-Stiletto: Rainbeau Mars on Eco-Sinning

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Yes, it’s her real name. Holistic health and fitness guru and all-around sustainable spokesperson Rainbeau Mars was born under a double rainbow in a teepee. Really.

Lured to Hollywood from Hawaii at age 18, Rainbeau gave up acting to study with YogaWorks founders Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, and went on to found ra’yoKa, a revolutionary new yogic concept that she now teaches to A-list celebrities, models and moguls.

Currently a spokesperson for Nutiva, and formerly Adidas’ global yoga ambassador, this author and creator of numerous yoga DVDs—like “Zen Mama,” inspired by the birth of her daughter, seven-year-old Jade—has appeared on magazine covers from Healing Lifestyles & Spas to Body + Soul. She opened up to EcoStiletto about everything from her baby to her eco-sins in our exclusive interview. Part Five of Five.

EcoStiletto: What’s your worst eco-sin?

Rainbeau Mars: I love hot baths and lots of them! But I just read that the eco-footprint of eating one hamburger uses the same amount of water as showering for 30 days. I’ll take the baths over eating burgers any day.

ES: Who’s your eco-hero and why?

RM: My mama, because she does things like not mow our lawn because of the fuels the machine uses that goes into the air and grass. She teaches people that the most valuable beauty and medicine products are right before our eyes and just waiting to grow and serve our beauty and health needs.

ES: What’s the biggest green change you’d like to make in your life—even if it’s impossible right now?

RM: I would like to be able to fly on Biodiesel planes.

ES: What is one thing that we all can do today to make the world a greener place?

Stop eating fast foods! These chains cut down the rain forest in order to raise cattle and after the land is done being grazed, it turns into a desert.

ES: What do you think of EcoStiletto?

RM: I love EcoStiletto! Finally a fashion friendly leader in hip trends that also cares about the environment. I am at your service and on your team!

Aw, we love you too, Rainbeau!

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