Eco-Stiletto: Rainbeau Mars Finds Her Identity

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Yes, it’s her real name. Holistic health and fitness guru and all-around sustainable spokesperson Rainbeau Mars was born under a double rainbow in a teepee. Really.

Lured to Hollywood from Hawaii at age 18, Rainbeau gave up acting to study with YogaWorks founders Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, and went on to found ra’yoKa, a revolutionary new yogic concept that she now teaches to A-list celebrities, models and moguls.

Currently a spokesperson for Nutiva, and formerly Adidas’ global yoga ambassador, this author and creator of numerous yoga DVDs—like “Zen Mama,” inspired by the birth of her daughter, seven-year-old Jade—has appeared on magazine covers from Healing Lifestyles & Spas to Body + Soul. She opened up to EcoStiletto about everything from her baby to her eco-sins in our exclusive interview. Part Three of Five.

EcoStiletto: Has yoga changed how you feel about your identity as a woman? Do you see the popularity of yoga as changing women’s ideals of beauty—from skinny to strong, perhaps?

Rainbeau Mars: I love this question. Yes, yoga has slowly but surely given me the ability to love myself: curves and imperfections included. I get on the mat, find my breath and practice love, acceptance and balance. I think being healthy and strong is hot and beautiful, while being skinny is not as empowering. The sexiest thing is feeling good about yourself!

ES: What is ra’yoKa, exactly? Who have you taught to practice it?

RM: ra’yoKa means integration through the sun. It uses therapeutic yoga and enhances it with martial arts movements and core conditioning to increase the core and balance in muscles while also improving our flexibility.

We use the visualization of illuminating and integrating our bodies while focusing in on one of the seven levels that either dial in the core, foundation, mediation or detoxification, etc. I studied with an Olympic speed skater and a few master martial artists and found ways to blend the three arts so that I could have the benefits of both: powerful and fast twitch movements with slow, yogic movements that promote healing and increase blood flow and circulation.

I have been training teachers all over the world. During my [time with] Adidas, it was called Adidas yoga. Three hundred thousand people have tried it in Asia and it has been exposed to millions. I am now training teachers through this and on holistic living so that when they have become certified in ra’yoKa they have the fundamentals of yoga and alignment, a deep understanding of the inner elementals and an in-depth view of yoga as union. It is also fun and accessible to everyone, everywhere and really will help you do whatever you do better and ascend your current plateaus.

ES: Tell us about ra’yoKa fitness program and the downloadable Teacher Training System. Is it for everyone?

RM: The ra’yoKa teacher training system is for anyone who wants to understand themselves more deeply—the inner nature of both our bodies and minds. It teaches us how to incorporate movement for results orientated benefits that affect our minds, bodies, lives and sports. I believe it can help any teacher, practitioner, athlete, person, trainer or student.

Want more? Rainbeau Mars opens up about the name, her brand, ra’yoKa yoga, fashion & beauty, and eco-sins in our exclusive five-part interview.

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