Eco-Stiletto: Sweet Dreams Are Made of Recycled, Sustainable Furniture

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Want to keep chemicals out of your home? Start with your furniture. Carcinogenic formaldehyde is typically found in most mass-produced furniture foams, while glues and finishes usually contain volatile organic compounds. Better known as VOCs, these spend years off-gassing toxic vapors that are potentially carcinogenic and deplete the ozone.

Obviously, you’re not going to dump your brand-new living room set; luckily, if you’ve had said furniture for a while or have a penchant for vintage, much of the VOC impact is lessened. But if you do plan to invest in brand-spanking-new furniture this year, there’s no better place to get inspired than Environment Furniture. Crafted from truly eco-friendly materials—many of them recycled, like the old army tents that upholster the brand’s signature couch—Environment Furniture makes a sustainable statement in every room.

Take this butcher table, crafted from sustainable reclaimed hard wood.

And of course you can’t go wrong with Environment’s Edge Bed, designed as an integrated piece of furniture with an extra wide platform that eliminates the need for end tables or a bedside bench, plus four sliding drawers underneath.