Ultimate EcoCelebrity: Jane Goodall

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The world has been fascinated with Jane Goodall for nearly 50 years, whether through her books, which detail profound discoveries linking primates to humans, or through television shows like Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees, which basically made her an international reality star in 1965.

Take that, Snooki.

So when Disney set up a media tour to spread the word about their support of the Jane Goodall Institute—now through the end of the month, $.50 of every Chimpanzee DVD sale will be donated, and the movie is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack—our founder, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, jumped at the change to interview her.

The two spoke by phone from Goodall’s childhood home in Balmouth, England. Goodall lives there the few weeks out of the year when she’s not traveling or visiting the Gombe Stream Reserve, where she began researching chimpanzees in 1960. Here’s an excerpt:

‘Chimpanzee’ opens with a quote from Walter Elias Disney, “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” It seems like this informs your “Roots & Shoots” program as well. Can you share your vision for the program?

I met so many young people as I traveled who seemed not to have hope for the future. They were depressed, angry and apathetic. “Roots & Shoots” [encourages participants to understand that ] every single one of us makes a difference every single day. We can’t live through a day without making an impact. And we all have a choice.

In Roots & Shoots, each group chooses three times of projects that relate to animals, people and the environment we all share. We now have 16,000 active groups in 131 countries—from preschool to university. These young people are linked around the world so we have partnerships in understanding and communication.

Tell your children to visit RootsandShoots.org. They need to be part of our growing family. Tell them from me. It’s what gives me my hope for the future to see the change that happens once these young people are empowered.

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