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(This is the first in a series of articles about the job market for moms. Mom Corps is dedicated to helping companies find highly-qualified talent for flexible, part-time, or temporary jobs and helping moms find the job for their busy lives.)

When I was asked to write this blog, they asked if I had a photo of me at work. As in a picture of me doing my job. I don’t, but I thought about what that picture might look like. I’d definitely have the phone balanced between my head and my shoulder while I try to type (one handed – the only way I know how). In the background of this picture you’d see dozens of sticky-notes on the wall – one for each project I’m working on. The desk would be a bit messy and have a cup of coffee perched in a place that is sure to cause the most damage once I knock it over. But I’d be smiling, that’s for sure.

I am the co-owner of Mom Corps Los Angeles, a staffing and search firm that specializes in connecting companies in need of on-demand employees with experienced professionals seeking flexible work. As the name suggests, Mom Corps was originally founded to serve women who left the workforce to raise families and wanted to return on a part-time or project basis or who were working full-time and were seeking access to greater flexibility. These days, the need for flexibility has become universal, and we have found both men and individuals at different stages in their careers turning to Mom Corps for placement in contract, temporary, part-time, or full-time flexible positions.

So, I spend my days finding highly qualified people for short- and long-term work. Here’s one thing I’ve learned about work: if you love what you do, you will be successful. Finding what you love to do is the hard part.

Happy hunting!

Here are some tips before you start looking for a job:

  1. Think about the high points of past work experience. What excited you about past jobs? What was the best job you ever had? Why?
  2. Browse open position on company websites. What kind of jobs are you attracted to? Why?
  3. Be honest about what kind of salary, title, and job responsibilities you need to support yourself, advance your career, and be happy.
  4. Practice telling your story. Your past jobs and accomplishments all tell a story about who you are, your strengths, and your value as an employee.
  5. If you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, make a plan on how to update your skills and knowledge by attending classes, volunteering, or attending workshops.
  6. Have a few friends look at your resume. What would they hire you to do? Ask for suggestions on making things clearer. Ask your friends “Does this resume represent me?”

About Julie Lacouture

Julie Lacouture is the Principal and co-owner of Mom Corps Los Angeles, a business specializing in helping companies find highly-qualified talent for flexible, part-time, or temporary jobs. After working for over 12 years in marketing, advertising, and non-profit, in 2010 Julie decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of running her own company and open a Mom Corps franchise in Los Angeles with business partner Kate Pletcher.

  • Lynn Hirshfield

    These are great tips!!!!  This is such a great idea for a job agency!