PILATE-EASE: A Wrist Workout for Work

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Sitting at a computer all day is hard on bodies, particularly your hands. Just a few minutes a day can help prevent damage and injury. All you need to do is take 1-lb. or 2-lb. weights to work and leave them under your desk. If you forget your weights, try using two bottles of water.

Use your scheduling software to schedule an appointment for your wrists – maybe just before lunch and just before you leave for the day. Begin by doing stretching daily and strength exercises every other day.

Wrists – Women are not generally born with strong wrists. If we want them we have to do something to get them. Push-ups and planks help over time, but for many the weakness that exists make the exercises rather painful.  The following are a couple of simple exercises you can do in just a few minutes a day.

Posture first – focus from the core. Sit up tall, imagining the top of your head floating up toward the ceiling and your shoulder blades sliding effortlessly toward your tail bone. Put your corset on – imagine a corset is holding your core in but still allowing you to breathe deeply. You should feel a little bit of work in the muscles of your core as you do this.

Begin stretching your wrists by gently pushing on the back of your hand to gently move the palm of your hand toward your wrist. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Then stretch your wrists the opposite direction – gently pushing on the palm of your hand to move the back of the hand toward the wrist and hold that for 30 seconds per hand. Repeat the first stretch (When we are typing we are holding our hands in a position closer to the second stretch so you will likely feel the first position is a little tighter.

Either rest your forearm on your thigh or use the corner of a table or desk. You want to focus the work on your wrist but your arm will be happy to help so be sure that you are truly resting your forearm.

Start with your palm up. You want to be able to move your wrist up and down while your forearm remains unmoved. Using your one pound weight bend at your wrist allowing your hand to lower and lift through its full range of motion. Flip you arm over and repeat with your palm facing down.

Begin with just ten reps of each, twice a week. If you feel no strain and/or little challenge create a bit more resistance on your own – try imagining that the water bottles/weights are actually 10 pound weights and/or increase to 2 pound weights. When you have been doing this for 3 weeks with no strain during the exercise, try increasing to 3 times a week. If at any point you find that you are straining back down to your previous level of exercise.

About Heather Neff

About Heather Neff
Heather received her Pilates certification from Body Arts and Science International in March of 2006. When she was first introduced to Pilates she was so inspired by its restorative and transformational powers that she decided to devote her career to teaching it. All it took was a mat class for her to see the changes in her own body in a matter of weeks. She began teaching in 2003 and received a Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2004. In her classes, Heather incorporates exercises from various teaching styles to create a program tailored to her individual clients needs. Her experience ranges from rehabilitation to athletic workouts for clients of all ages. She sees her clients as unique individuals and her focus is giving each client the well rounded workout they need and deserve.