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July 2010

Fish and Tips: What You Need To Know

Many consumers eat fish to gain the health benefits from the omega-3 fatty acids, which decreases heart attacks, strokes, and cholesterol. However, eating fish comes with a catch. Despite the benefits, some fish has been found to contain high levels of mercury, polychlorinated bipenyls (PCBs), and other dangerous chemicals. Mercury can be toxic to the brain, heart and nervous system, especially in children and infants, and PCBs are a cancer-causing industrial chemical that is found in our waterways. Although these chemicals are dangerous, researchers believe that the benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks…(continued)

Cell Phones Pose Potential Health Risks

Research about cell phone radiation has not been definitive, however, we do know that there are potential health risks. Cell phones emit electromagnetic waves, a type of non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing is less harmful than other types of radiation, though it has been found that it can penetrate the body and harm sensitive tissue. Short term studies have not shown an association between cell phone use and cancer, however long term studies over a period of 10 years have shown that frequent users have a higher risk of developing cancer in areas on the side of their head where they typically hold a phone…(continued)

Cancer Panel Findings Are Alarming

This summer, the President’s Cancer Panel published a 240-page report on the risks of chemicals and other substances in the environment. The Panel was concerned to find that the threat of environmentally induced cancer had been underestimated. Their findings showed that millions of Americans are exposed daily to the 80,000 chemicals that are on the market in the United States, most of which are understudied and unregulated. The potential risks include chemicals found in plastics, pesticides, car exhaust, pharmaceuticals in water supply, medical tests, radiation, cell phones and sun exposure…(continued)

Toxics reform in the House

The Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) has huge news. The toxics reform bill, H.R. 5820, the Kid-Safe Chemicals Petition “>Toxic Chemicals Safety Act, has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Chairmen Waxman (CA-30) and Rush (IL-01). Toxics reform is now moving through both houses of Congress. It has never been more important for Congress to know that we want the strongest and most effective toxics bill possible — we need companies to prove that chemicals are safe before they hit our supermarket shelves…(continued)

The Ugly Truth About Beauty Products

We use nearly 10 cosmetic and personal care products daily, but many of us don’t realize they could be a risk to our health. The products promised to make you look more beautiful contain dangerous chemicals that are absorbed through the skin. On average, people apply 126 chemical ingredients on their skin daily…(continued)

Sunscreen Dangers: Don’t Get Burned

The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) fourth annual Sunscreen Guide reveals the truth about many products that claim to protect you from the sun, but may be harmful to your health. The newest trend for sunscreens is an exaggerated SPF, which promises to protect from harmful rays, but can be detrimental to your health. SPFs greater than 50 can create a false sense of security for users, who think they can stay out in the sun longer without reapplication. In addition to higher risk for sunburn, high SPF users are at risk for absorbing high levels of vitamin A compound…(continued)

Cereal Recall Highlights Need for Better Food Safety

Kellogg’s cereal recently recalled close to 30 million boxes of popular children’s product due to complaints of illness (See list of cereals at end of story). The reason? Methylnaphthalene, a component of oil and coal tar, has been reported to be the cause of sickness. The chemical was found to be on the inside lining of the packaging, which then leached into the cereal…(continued)

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