Pandemics Part 4: Center for Disease Control

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If an epidemic verging on global pandemic were to occur in the U.S., the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would be the first to respond. Founded in 1992 under the Department of Health and Human Services in Atlanta, Georgia, the CDC employs 15,000 people working to improve and guard the health of United States citizens.

In terms of pandemic preparedness, the Center for Disease Control has compiled an influenza resource center complete with domestic and international epidemic news and tracking. The CDC also has a Twitter feed, searchable disease resource index, and an Emergency Preparedness and Response website to disseminate information quickly if disaster strikes. For information and research to improve the quality of daily life, the CDC runs a Healthy Living website as well as an Environmental Health resource center.

Protect yourself and others from epidemics by keeping a two-week supply of water in your home, washing your hands frequently, and learning how to sneeze properly. Take the Flu IQ Quiz to discover more secrets for flu prevention and use the Center for Disease Control to learn about the importance of vaccinations.

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