I’m Awesome, And So Are You

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For the first time in almost ten years, I don’t have a full-time job. I have work, which helps to define me. I have astrology. I am a writer. I am helping to produce a film. But at this moment in time, none of these things are currently adding much to my bank account on a consistent basis. Now it has been somewhat liberating. I have been allowed the opportunity to guide myself toward the things I want to focus on. But it has also been as scary as plummeting through a crack in the earth.

When I was leaving my last job back in May, a good Taurus friend who had just been through the process told me that it was going to bring up some things. Fear. Anxiety. And he said to just let them come on. They’re real emotions, and they shouldn’t be ignored. Thankfully, I did have the film project to look forward to, and that came along a few months later in more of a full-time way. But over the last couple of months, my participation in it leveled off some, and I found myself back in the space of “What the F?”

Though there has been more time to dive into my creativity and my astrology work, I have been a little beaten up by the ego in the mirror. He has been talking a lot about money and rent and the future. And in a moment of weakness, there was inner talk of needing to find “a real job”. But if I were to cave and go back into the wheel I just recently vacated, I wouldn’t be honoring my spiritual truth. Because I wouldn’t be honoring the gifts I’ve been given and that I should be using for my livelihood. It’s this push toward a greater faith in ourselves that the current astrological climate wants us to recognize and step into.

This weekend’s full moon in Taurus urges you to connect your sense of self-worth to the life you allow yourself to live. If you are feeling stuck, then it may be because you don’t truly believe in your abilities. Recognize that your deepest feelings of self-confidence directly reflect your circumstances. That can be hard for some to ingest. “Why would I believe myself into unhappiness?” Well, because underneath it all, you haven’t truly told yourself that you deserve to be happy. And that kind of shit can wedge into your psyche deep, causing you to act out in seemingly childish, unconscious ways. Please know that you will continue to do so until you face the truth of your pain connected to feelings of failure and being less-than what you dreamed you would be. Once you go into all that, then you will truly begin to feel liberated from your ego’s hold.

We all have a responsibility to regard ourselves with dignity and delight. So there is no reason for any of us to waste our lives devoting time toward experiences that lack our passion. Sure, life will hand us ridiculously challenging experiences that are beyond our psyche’s control. But it’s how we then respond to them that defines us. And if we can respond with some sense of self-worth, then we are aiming higher.

Now is the time to show ourselves that we deserve to do what we love. If we can offer ourselves that gift, then the Universe will recognize and offer a gift in return. It may not be a million dollars, but it could be! At the very least, it will be some sort of tangible reminder that when you attach your worth to what’s really in your heart, then your actual value in life will go up. That is because you finally deem yourself good enough to receive it.

Let’s take a closer look at the signs to see what area in your life this may be affecting. And remember to check out your rising sign too, if you know it.



The late Steve Jobs once said, “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” Now you may think, that was easy for him to say. I want to go shopping. But if you think about it, time is the greatest resource available to us, and how we spend it is the greatest measurement for our life. So look at the next week and take stock of how you’re spending it. If each hour were worth $100, how many hundreds would you be spending on watching crap TV versus nurturing your greatest passions? Would your closest relationships be worth $10,000, or $1.75? Get a greater understanding of how you value the important aspects of your life and make whatever adjustments are needed to ensure that, moving forward, you’re always treating yourself like a million bucks.



You should be feeling quite a spurt of creative energy these days. Follow it, as it wants to help guide you closer to the truth of who you want to be. This creativity is also helping you to color your personality more and allowing the world to see the more vivacious, authentic you. Now being that you have a slight stubborn streak, you may be somewhat unwilling to allow some of this funky newness to fully take root or emerge. Or you may be thinking and/or creating in new ways that are stretching you beyond your comfort zone. Trust that others will be excited by the shift you’re going through in some aspect of your life. In fact, try it out and share some of your new found you with those who are close to you. By being vulnerable to a few, you will get confirmation that you are on the right track.



Your mind is your best friend. You spend so much time with it that it can be hard to see your thoughts as mere products of your experiences. They are not the final word. In fact, the final word is silence. It’s what we meet at the end of each night, and what we eventually meet at the end of life. So to help you with the personal shift you are in the midst of right now, you must become better friends with that quiet part of you. I know it’s not easy, and you may not even agree with me that your thoughts are not you. But, let me tell you boo, your thoughts are not you. And it is in the silence between those at times reckless thoughts where you will find the answers to your most current life questions. So close the door on them, light a candle, and get with the quiet of your being.



You like to spend a lot of time with yourself or with the small pool of people you have deemed to be your family. It’s your comfort zone, and that is okay. But right now, you have to be willing to pop out of your comfort zone and connect to those you may not normally find in your daily life. Don’t forget just how big the world is and just how big the life you have around you can be. If you just spin in the same circle for too long, your experiences and your perspective won’t expand. As an exercise, dive into your social media world and get a better sense of the people who exist in your larger world. You may find a real connection to someone you only had a brief brush with before accepting that friend request. Or you may see an old friend in your timeline that you’ve lost touch with and who is going through something similar to in your life. Then reach out and connect in the real world. You may just surprise yourself with the growth this brings.



Of all the signs, you have the deepest connection to wanting to actualize your life purpose. You were put here for a reason, and you want the world to know it. But some of you lions have perhaps retreated from reminding the world, and yourself, just what you’re capable of doing. Whatever circumstances allowed you to shrink away were certainly worthy ones. You just needed to take a break from pursuing “the dream” so you could handle some things. Well it’s time to call your bluff. Fear is fear. And it’s okay to get a little afraid sometimes, even as a Leo. But now is the time to readjust and get back on the path toward pursuing your life’s love. You know there is something you’re just great at, and you deserve to be living that 24/7.



There is no way you can be sitting still right now. I can only imagine that you have just been busy out in the world, in some way enacting that intrinsic healer energy that lives beneath all the thoughts and checklists. This has especially shown itself as a real loving attention for your personal creations, whether they are artistic or your actual children. Well, all this is coming to play as you’re becoming available to feeling a real connection to the wisdom you have collected through life until now. You are actually able to see now that all of your experiences, even the shitty ones, are positive truths that have helped you grow into the person you are today. And recognize that, in some way, your life’s knowledge is worth something greater to another. So you must find out how to best share it.



Author Debbie Ford says, “By choosing not to allow parts of ourselves to exist, we are forced to expend huge amounts of psychic energy to keep them beneath the surface.” I bring this up to you dear Libra, because now is the perfect time to check in with your own shadow self. Are there parts of you that you don’t like to bring attention to? As a Libra, you can tend to want to people please, putting others needs, and more so personal comfort, in front of your own. But if you’re suppressing an important part of yourself, whether it is your inner fear monger or drag queen diva, you’re also not fully expressing your entire self. Sure, you may not want that side ruling your entire life (though some do). But if that darker you doesn’t have a say, or just a chance to play, then you’re going to find yourself bursting into a sudden rage from all that internal stifling. And that is not cute.



You’re not one to have a ton of fair-weather friends. Pretty much everyone who comes into your life and sticks does so because you feel some sort of deeper connection to them. But now is the time to take a closer look at these relationships and make sure that they’re all pushing you to grow and get closer to your greater life purpose. Sure, you look at a couple of them and think, “This person just makes me laugh.” Well laughter, especially for a Scorpio, is key to living a fully formed life. But so are love, trust, creativity, family, and forging a spiritual connection to one’s life. So, be sure that everyone you’re currently allowing in ticks one or more of those boxes. And then take some greater steps toward cementing these relationships by offering up more of your vulnerability. You deserve to feel loved and supported, so you have to put the secretive shield down for a moment and show the ones you love that you’re willing to actually be those things for them.


Work is very busy right now, along with the rest of your days, but are you filling them up with things you actually love to do? Most importantly, are you doing what you feel should be the thing that helps you to make your mark on the world? You’re experiencing a pretty subtle but large internal shift right now, so now is the time to be looking at how to connect more of your time to the thing you’re most passionate about in life. Again, work is busy. But “work” and your “life’s work” can be different things. So if your job isn’t aligned to what makes your soul smile, then you need to figure out how to integrate some of what does into your daily routine. If you want to make music but work at a bank, make sure you’re working on that song the last thirty minutes before bed. If you want to help underprivileged children but answer phones and make copies all day, then see if a shelter has a bedtime story program. You get the drill. Now get it together and get closer to your dreams.


Sometimes your idea of fun is not exactly everyone’s idea of fun. That is not to say that you don’t know how to have fun, but even your fun can feel a little policed by your sense of better judgment. So then perhaps, you’re not exactly fully letting yourself go. Now I am not saying to call a cab and take thee to the closest bar where you can proceed to get black out drunk. But I will say that I won’t judge you if you do. What may be better is to connect with someone you love who lets all reason fly out the door when it comes to a good time. Again, this doesn’t have to involve an altering substance. Go to an amusement park. Buy some canvases and paint. Hit up a dance class. But do so without it needing to have any sort of outcome. This isn’t an opportunity to network. You’re not trying to sleep with somebody. There is no potential goal here but for you to forget that tomorrow exists.



Though you are the type to find every reason to be out and about, making the entire world your home, you do have to come home every now and then. And there is no better time than now to re-define what home means to you. With home comes family, so you also have to look at what your relationship with them has done to your definition of home. If your family is warm and supportive, then your sense of home will probably be similar. But you should make sure that something so cozy is what allows you to feel most free. Now if your family is slightly fractured and dysfunctional, then you may feel more comfortable in that kind of environment. However, you should check in to see if that is actually the best environment for you to be your best self in. Some do flourish in a bit of chaos. Yet, you need to make sure it is purposeful and connected to a sense of awareness, a la Einstein, who needed all of his notes around him in order to work. Otherwise, you may not be giving your personal foundation enough of your self worth’s attention.


You have quite a number of thoughts that float around in that oceanic mind of yours, and right now, you have a real power to manifest some of them for your greater good. So take a closer look at the thoughts you’re swimming in and thus, putting out into the world. Do any of the things you think or say have a negative or pessimistic spin to them? Sure, you may just like to be “realistic”. But if you truly knew that you created your reality, would you even remotely allow some gloom to float in? Hell no. So act entirely as if, because it is the case, and side solely with positivity when it comes to thinking and communicating with others. Now with this comes a greater scrutiny of those thoughts too. So if you ever had trouble speaking too quickly, and you’re a Pisces so of course you have, now is the time to take a pause and make sure that some internal naysayer isn’t trying to speak for you.