HER BUSINESS: Now Is the Best Time To Grow Your Business

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Really?  Even in this economy?   (you may ask).  Well yes, the nation’s economy is not so hot and millions of women small business owners are still earning  greater profits each year during this recession.   As I see and believe from my experience consulting with women small business owners and Fortune 500’s;  if you have been on this planet for 40 years or more, you time has some unprecedented advantages built in to it:  Here’s a few:





  • The numbers are all on our side. We are creating  businesses in greater numbers than any other small business owner demographic in U.S. history.  So if you fear that you are late to the game of reinventing yourself  or even trying to get to the next level with the business you’ve had for years – you are definitely not alone.
  • Women 40+ are  redefining aging and  marketing.  Both as business owners and consumers.  We are the pioneers of a brand new world.  But unlike our grand or great grandmothers, we don’t have to travel to it by covered wagon or via Ellis Island.   More than just connecting the dots – we are the dots.  Our examples are leading the way for our daughters and sisters and the generations beyond who may live even longer and more vibrant lives than we will today.
  • If They’re Looking for Authentic – Here You Are. The Word in marketing and business today is authentic.  Authentic is more than a buzz word.  It’s your bottom line.  It’s your product or service.  It’s what lets you stand out from the crowd for good reason.  And then  be chosen by your crowd and trusted by them on a deep emotional level over and over again.    If you’re 40, research shows you may well find yourself naturally motivated to living your most authentic life ever.  You’ve done the years of work it takes  to doubt yourself less, know what has meaning to you more and be true to yourself.   You’ve grown into it.  And you’ve earned a wrinkle to prove it.
  • Been There, Done That. At 40, we have come to know for sure that work takes work and  that get rich quick schemes don’t work so quick, if at all.   We’re willing to do the work and we need and want to earn.   What we’re not so willing to do at this point, like we did when younger,  is roll and push our marketing up a hill like a gigantic rock,  Now we’re ready to be pulled.   And prosper.  And this is completely doable.


I know this because I am helping women business owners like you succeed this way every day.  My new blog will offers ways and tips about how women business owners 40+,  can start and grow brands that are bold, visible and profitable.   In each blog I’ll offer new tips and insights into ways to  save your marketing dollars;  social media, the things that stop us from moving ahead and ways to get motivated quickly along with an occasional (hopefully funny)  joke.  Most important to my perspective is that our businesses bring us some fun and joy along the journey as we change our lives and the lives of others.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

So here’s a quick questions to ask yourself about with your business whether  existing or birthing in the ethers.  Are you ready for this to be your time?

I’d love to hear from you.

Post your questions for Leah below, go to her website at www.LeahKomaiko.com or e-mail her Leah@LeahKomaiko.com

About Leah Komaiko

Leah Komaiko is a creative marketing strategist for women small business owners and the companies who want them as their customers.  Her clients include start-ups, entrepeneurs,  iconic brands and Fortune 500's in all wonderful walks of mid-life.  To reach her please visit www.LeahKomaiko.com or e-mail Leah@LeahKomaiko.com 

  • Lbquag45

    I enjoy your thought provoking ideas and as a male secretary, more businesses need to be run by women!