Red Light Skin Therapy: Reverses Skin Aging

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Like 90 million Americans who use anti-aging products, you too may be interested in trying to maintain a more youthful appearance as you get older.  Nothing wrong with that!  In fact, I encourage it.  Like many older people, you may still be in the workforce, and plan to be for some time.  You have to compete with younger colleagues every day and you want your experience to speak for you rather than your appearance.  You’ll be happy to know that there are several technologies out there that will allow you to feel happier and more confident about your looks.   I’d like to tell you about one that is an effective, rejuvenating treatment that you can do at home.

Red Light Therapy Helps You Look Younger in 30 Days

 Having younger looking skin is a matter of improving the tone, brightness and thickness of your skin.  As skin gets older it loses volume and moisture which can cause furrows and folds and slackness to develop.  One technology, red light therapy, can greatly diminish, or even get rid of, these telltale signs of aging and rebuild your skin from the inside out.

Red light anti-aging therapy was actually discovered by NASA accidentally as a means to grow plants in outer space.  They noticed the enhanced cell regeneration of both the plants and the astronauts’ skin and since then passed the technology to the skincare industry.  Once just used in dermatologists’ or plastic surgeons’ offices, there are now hand-held, consumer grade red light anti-aging therapy devices that do the same things as the expensive in-office treatments.

Red light therapy stimulates the collagen and elastin in your skin that helps your skin retain moisture and volume. When moisture is restored, very often you can significantly diminish, or completely get rid of, those crinkly little surface lines – especially around the corners of the eyes, above the lip and sides of the mouth, and between the eyebrows that give your age away.  The therapy also shrinks pores – which can enlarge when skin loses elasticity – and even diminishes scars.

A few at home red light therapy devices are the Tanda Regenerate Anti-Aging Light Therapy System, the NuFace Trinity Wrinkle Reducer, and the Baby Quasar MD Plus, which is the most expensive of the 3.  Red light therapy is approved by the FDA and the devices are powered by light-emitting diodes (LED) to deliver clinical levels of red light to your skin.  Red light therapy is recognized by dermatologists as one of the safest, fastest, ways to achieve dramatic regeneration of aging skin and has over a 90% success rate.

Further, these at-home red light devices are a safe, easy, and relaxing way to give you an at-home red light skin therapy treatment.  There’s no pain involved either with red light therapy, just a gentle sonic vibration and warmth from the light.  You simply turn on the device and hold it to the skin on your face for the directed amount of time (3 minutes each section).  A complete facial treatment takes about 12 minutes and you only need to do it twice a week for results.

The results start to show up pretty quickly too.  In just 1 week you’ll see an improvement in your skin’s texture – it’ll be noticeably softer.  After 2 weeks, you’ll see a noticeable increase in firmness and softening of lines and wrinkles. After 30 days, if you were faithful with your treatments, you should see a dramatic lessening of wrinkles, and increase in tone and brightness.

While you’re doing your red light treatments though here are a few other things you can do to further your skin rejuvenating effects:

1.  Get 500-1,000 mg skin-regenerating Vitamin C daily that helps build collagen.  Using a Vitamin C serum topically on your skin will help rid of age spots.

2.  Get 500 mg of hyaluronic acid that binds to Vitamin C and also helps retain skin moisture.

3.  Watch sun exposure – use a good grade sunscreen or moisturizer/makeup that contains it.

4.  Drink enough water daily – at least 8, eight ounce glasses.  Dehydration is one of the big culprits of old, sallow appearing skin.

5.  Sleep enough – skin loses its tone without adequate sleep.

6.  Eat an optimal diet full of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and/or supplements.

7.  If you smoke – quit.  It robs your body of Vitamin C that your skin needs to make collagen and also robs it of oxygen, which your skin needs.

8.  Moisturizers with phytoestrogens like soy isoflavones and black cohosh, red clover, etc, help fight hormonal aging of skin and promotes a more youthful appearance.

9.  Facial exercises can help tighten the muscles beneath your facial skin and help replump sunken cheeks and eye hollows. See facial yoga techniques or facial exercise devices.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking or feeling older. Paying more attention to your skin care, sleep, diet, environmental exposure, alcohol intake, water intake can help your skin stay younger looking longer.  Red light therapy devices, if used faithfully, can really help turn back the clock on your skin.

About Dr. Rosenberg

Dr. Mark A. Rosenberg, MD
Dr. Mark Rosenberg received his doctorate from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1988 and has been involved with drug research since 1991. With numerous certifications in several different fields of medicine, psychology, healthy aging and fitness, Dr. Rosenberg has a wide breadth of experience in both the public and private sector with particular expertise in both the mechanism of cancer treatment failure and in treating obesity. He currently is researching new compounds to treat cancer and obesity, including receiving approval status for an investigational new drug that works with chemotherapy and a patent pending for an oral appetite suppressant.

He is currently President of the Institute for Healthy Aging, Program Director of the Integrative Cancer Fellowship, and Chief Medical Officer of Rose Pharmaceuticals.

His work has been published in various trade and academic journals. In addition to his many medical certifications, he also personally committed to physical fitness and is a certified physical fitness trainer.