Her IQ

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Battle of The Spoken Word

Men average around 2,000 spoken words a day while Women say over 7,000 words per day

Your Saliva Pool

Over the course of your life you generate over 9,900 gallons of Saliva

Man On The Moon

The Second Man on The Moon was Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin’s Mother’s maiden name was Moon. The popular band R.E.M. wrote the popular song ‘Man on The Moon’ for Andy Kauffman. Andy Kaufman starred in the TV Show ‘Taxi’. His Character Name was Latka Gravas . Jim Carey was Andy Kauffman in the Film ‘Man on The Moon’.

Red Blood Cells

Red Blood cells are born inside the bone marrow of your bones. Red Blood Cells function is to carry oxygen around the body.

Change Options

You have 293 options to convert a dollar bill into change.

Reason to Clean Your Feet

If you have smelly feet you are more prone to a mosquitoes bite.