How To Control Your Emotions at Work

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Do your co-workers comment on your being too emotional in the workplace? Do you tend to take work situations too personally? Would you be more effective at your job if you didn’t get sidetracked by your personal feelings?  The following questions designed to help you grab control of excessive emotional reactions to everyday work situations.

  • One: What are the emotions you are expressing to excess in the workplace? Are you too easily brought to tears? To anger? To defensive sulking? The first step is to determine what type of emotionalism you are expressing too often.
  • Two: When do you become overly emotional? Is a co-worker being overly demanding? Are you bringing your problems from home into the workplace? Are you feeling insecure about the quality of your work? It is equally important to determine the type of and what triggers your emotional outbursts. Finding the answers to these two questions will help clear the path toward correcting the problem.
  • Three: Be prepared. Now that you have acknowledged the how and when you become too emotional, be prepared to stop the next outburst before it happens by forcing yourself to pause before responding to the situation that upsets you. Force yourself to look at the situation logically. Does it really require a strong emotional response or can you simply respond without any strong emotion?
  • Four: Enlist the help of your co-workers. Explain to trusted co-workers that you are working on being less emotional and you would appreciate their help by reminding you to stay calm if they see you starting to become upset.
  • Five: Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip on a bad day. Everyone is allowed to get upset once in a while—as long as it truly is only once in a while!
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