Older Moms

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With the current lifestyle today especially among women, there seems to be an increasing tendency for majority of women to get pregnant between thirties and fifties and almost all of them are still able to pursue a health pregnancy even those who are already in their early fifties. The unquestionable fact is that the older the age of the soon to be mother particularly around thirty five or older, the more the risks for various complications surrounding such pregnancy. Although there are older moms who can easily push through with their pregnancy even in their late forties or early fifties, first time moms having their first pregnancy at the age of thirty five or above can pretty much face a number of health risks that can put their life and their baby’s at risk.Women who are planning to have their baby at the age of thirty five and above are more prone to various health risks associated with pregnancy for older moms.

This is because the age of women and their health conditions play a vital role for a healthy pregnancy. It is a common fact that the older the woman gets, the lesser the chance she has in getting pregnant because there is a big possibility that her fertility will also decrease. But on the other hand, with the help of the advancement in medical technology particularly in the sector of fertility treatment, women can still consider getting pregnant at their forties or fifties as long as they get the professional guidance of a fertility expert. Studies show that the older women planning to have their pregnancy at the age of forty and above have the bigger chance of having twins because of a number of natural factors and perhaps with the effect of fertility treatment as well. However, there are still some that considers this to be a risky move since the chance of complications is greater.

Some of the health risks that can be faced by older moms include hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney, and other illnesses associated with female reproductive organs. If you are suffering from any of these conditions or you are on a medication, it is often a practical move to first consult your doctor before you start planning with your pregnancy.

Older women are also prone to giving birth to pre-term and or low weight babies. Another complication is that older women are also prone to miscarriages and this can cause great depression for some who are fully expecting to become moms in nine months even with their older age.

Pregnancy experts recommend that older moms that are planning to have their babies at their late forties or fifties to consult their doctors so they can be given proper advice on how to proceed with their pregnancy. And just to be safe, following a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise, you can have a healthy pregnancy regarding of the risks you are facing. As long as you understand the risk and you are determined to pursue your pregnancy, you can do so but always with the guidance of experts.