A career that helps pet owners answer questions when a pet passes

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8994_B29_rgb5(ARA) – Few things stir raw human emotions as much as the loss of a cherished pet or livestock that may represent a family’s livelihood. For many, healing just won’t happen until they understand the “why.”

When an animal dies, it’s the veterinary pathologist who helps families answer the “why” … and find some sense of closure after their loss.

If an animal is ill or has died, veterinary diagnostic pathologists examine blood, tissues and fluids to understand what caused the disease or death. You’ll find veterinary pathologists in diagnostic labs or at universities where they teach, conduct research and provide clinical service for their area.

Veterinary diagnostic pathology is a rapidly expanding field, with growing career opportunities and expanded laboratory testing options for the diagnosis and monitoring of disease. They are also watching closely for signs of foreign or zoonotic diseases.

For more on veterinary diagnostic pathology, and all fields associated with veterinary pathology, be sure to check out the careers section of www.acvp.org.