Be Resolute! Will This Be the Year…?

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. . . That you go to the gym 5 times a week? Or . . . lose that last 10 lbs? . . . or _______ (fill in the blank)?

I’m not saying that you won’t do those things, but it seems like those are some of the common and even cliche New Year’s resolutions. And though so many of us make them, few of us seem to keep them . . . hence the cycle starts over again each year.

How about starting some new resolutions? Ones that help the environment, your doggy, and your wallet? You don’t have to be a hardcore hippie or a member of Green Peace to make a difference. Here are some simple everyday tips I hope you find helpful to keep a little more green in your wallet and on the trees…

RECYCLE: Ok, most of us have the blue (or some other color) recycling trash bins from the city. I mean, how much easier could it be? You don’t have to go to any recycling centers or drop offs…it’s at your home. Get a second small trash can just for recycling and stick it next to the main trash can. Super easy!

SAVE ELECTRICITY: It’s as simple as flipping that switch when you walk out of a room . . . save electricityAND $ (who wouldn’t want that?)

SAVE WATER: Use a broom instead of hosing off your driveway, patio or sidewalk. When doing dishes, don’t keep the water running the whole time you are scrubbing them. Scrub, then rinse all at one time after (I don’t have a dishwashing machine, so this goes out to my fellow hand dish washers).

BUY USED: Yes, I said it . . . we Americans always want newer, bigger, better. How about changing that trend and buying some used stuff this year. You can find fun one of a kind articles of clothing at vintage or thrift stores. Getting a “new” car? Not only will you save a bundle to buy a used (certified) pre-owned car, but you’ll also help cut down energy, pollution, and all the costs that go into producing new cars at a factory. Craigslist and flea markets are my favorite places to buy furniture . . . you can wheel and deal and find some great pieces at fantastic prices.

SAVE TREES: Stop printing so much. With the computer, back up hard drives, iphones and all this technology we really don’t need to print so much. I don’t even have a printer hooked up at home . . . my Droid X is my new best friend. I can look up all my emails, login to my Groupon account when I want to redeem one by just showing the business the code, and pre-order my movie tickets and just show the ticket stand the bar code when I go to the movies. It not only cuts down on the time I have to search through my huge purse to find the piece of paper, but also saves some green. My bank ATM has recently started to offer the options (in addition to printing out a receipt), send receipt to “Bank” inbox or “email” inbox. With the push of a button, my receipt is now safely in my inbox and not floating around my purse never to be seen again.

PLASTIC: Stop buying plastic water bottles for the gym and in your car. There are so many BPA-free reusable water bottles on the market now to fit any lifestyle, I’m sure you can find one for your car, the gym, and work. Keep one for each place so you don’t have an excuse that “it’s not clean.”

DOGS: Walk the dogs more. This has benefits for both you and your 4-legged family member. For you, it helps with that exercise goal you’ve been working on year after year. Dogs are the best encouragement for that because they will love you for taking them with you, and push you to keep on walking/running even when you’re tired! For your dog, it helps get some of that energy out after a long day of napping, chewing, and eating (and will most likely cut down on the chewing and any other bad behavior associated with lack of exercise . . . which in turn, saves that new pair of shoes you just bought)!

These are just a few of many simple ways to start a new and greener year. Happy 2011!

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In remembrance of my Mr. Knightley, 1998-2010

About Hilary Britten

Hilary Britten is the owner of Doggy Go Green, a company committed to minimizing your dog’s environmental pawprint! Doggy Go Green was started with and inspired by Hilary’s late Dachshund, Knightley. Besides researching unique, high quality, and stylish eco products, Hilary is mother to a spunky and always cuddly 10-pound dapple dachshund named Emma. Committed to supporting local businesses, Doggy Go Green’s products are made only in the USA from natural, biodegradable, sustainable, and recycled materials. If you are trying to lessen your impact on the earth, then why not use lifestyle products for your four-legged family members that are eco friendly too?