What Every Green Dog Wants for Xmas

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Dear Santa Paws,

I promise I’ve been good…well, maybe I chased a few squirrels and barked at the neighbors, but that’s allowed every so often. Right? In spite of the barking and squirrel chasing, I’ve been a good doggy by trying to eliminate my environmental pawprint. There are a few things on my list though that every good eco doggy needs…

Like a reclaimed collar with some bling! These handmade collars are upcycled from old leather belts, so I can be eco and fabulous.

I tried my friend’s organic bumper bed, and now I want one for myself. The cover is made out of organic cotton, and the stuffing is made from recycled soda bottles…the most comfortable and eco friendly bed around.

Sometimes my paws get sore and scraped up on my walks. It would be nice to have some doggy lotion for them.

I was adopted, and think this is an important message to get out there…so I’m asking for this gift for my parents.

I’m not really the skater type, but my mom is so she might like this for the house…I just like the fact that it holds my food (and helps kids & their community)! The recycled skate deck feeder has legs so I don’t strain my neck while eating. So, Santa Paws, I’ll set out some of my organic treats and hope that you help me keep my environmental paw print down this year with some of the eco goodies on my list!


(Emma channeled her letter to Santa Paws through her “mom” Hilary Britten, owner of Doggy Go Green)

About Hilary Britten

Hilary Britten is the owner of Doggy Go Green, a company committed to minimizing your dog’s environmental pawprint! Doggy Go Green was started with and inspired by Hilary’s late Dachshund, Knightley. Besides researching unique, high quality, and stylish eco products, Hilary is mother to a spunky and always cuddly 10-pound dapple dachshund named Emma. Committed to supporting local businesses, Doggy Go Green’s products are made only in the USA from natural, biodegradable, sustainable, and recycled materials. If you are trying to lessen your impact on the earth, then why not use lifestyle products for your four-legged family members that are eco friendly too?