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Puppy Training Part II–Like some of us, Puppies take time to warm up to other dogs as well as people. Make sure you allow your dog to get comfortable with everyone in the house, give her time to learn scents and recognize everyone. Smothering your dog can hinder her social development. It’s important that you instruct guest to allow the dog to sniff around them and maintain a sense of calm while the pup gets comfortable with this new person.

Try to arrange play dates with your friends or neighbors and their dog to help stimulate your pups social skills. It’s good for your dog to have one on one time with an older dog as well with other puppies. Over time you can gradually increase the number of dogs and people playing together. And once your dog has had all her vaccinations it time to hit the park.

When it’s time for your first trip to the park make sure you get some exercise with her before hand. If your pup is a little tired out, she will be more calm and submissive in this new territory surrounded by many other dogs. Make sure you scope out the park for large dogs and watch for signals from your dog or others that they may not be reading each other in a positive demeanor. In the event of a sticky encounter don’t grab your dog in rescue but use your body and energy to keep the situation from escalating.

Check back soon for more training tips and her dog walkers tutorial.

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