Is It Possible For You And Your Ex To Get Back Together?

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Were you guys every really happy together? If you can truly answer yes to this question then chances are there is something there that you two can work with. But keep in mind it’s always easy after a breakup to only think of the happy times, not only that, something provided the impetus for the breakup.
That is as they say “the elephant in the room” that must be dealt with. You and your ex may still love each other a great deal but will you be able to put the conditions surrounding the breakup behind the two of you? May the better question that should be asked is whether it will really be worth it or not?

Obviously when making such a determination as whether to reunite with an ex there is much to consider. After spending some time with your mate and getting to know them you now have certain knowledge of them you didn’t necessarily have when you first met them, and in certain cases this might not be a good thing. Will you be able to deal with your ex’s excessive complaining or bickering when it comes to certain things? Or some of their eccentricities that would tend to drive you crazy. Things like their habit of keeping their home so clean that it would border on obsession?

If you want to get back with your ex you must first ask yourself is this something that I truly want? Not only that, but will it be what’s best for me? If you feel that you can confidently answer in the affirmative to those two questions then my advice would be to contact your ex and attempt to gauge if you can sense any interest on there part as well.

During this discussion you shouldn’t just blurt out that you still love them, that you want them back and or haven’t be able to sleep and that you can’t live without them, etc. For obvious reasons, it makes you look desperate. Maybe it’s just me, but desperation just doesn’t look attractive on anyone. Although they will want to know that you are suffering just as much as they are, they would rather not have to hear you say it in such an act of desperation. Just the fact that you’ve taken the time to call speaks for itself. Of course it doesn’t speak to the degree of your suffering in the wake of the breakup but what it does say is that you still care, possibly answering at least one of their questions.

At this point you will want to take things nice and slow. Don’t obsessively call your ex asking them to take you back. Doing so will only drive you guys further apart and serve to underscore their decision to part ways with you in the first place. So just give your ex some needed space by showing them that you “have a life” and that despite the breakup you are doing just that, living your life. They will appreciate this level of maturity demonstrated from you and it may even assist them in deciding in your favor.

Not only that if you take a step back, give them the much needed time and space, you’ll be doing yourself a favor as well. They may see you as more desirable because you are permitting them time to miss you. You know what they say about absence? It does make the heart grow fonder.

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