Master The Art Of Matchmaking

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(Article Dashboard) – Okay, before you start playing cupid and taking on the role of matchmaking guru, you have to ask yourself: Are you doing it right? You have to know that not every cute guy deserves to be with your pretty girlfriend Kate. Or that not every Brad Pitt look-alike will actually hit it off with your Jen Aniston doppelganger friend. (Besides, we all know how that relationship went.)

Matchmaking is a long-standing practice that actually works. But it works IF done right. If as a friend, you can still get matchmaking totally wrong, imagine how even trickier it is if your friend goes the traditional online love match route. There are hundreds of photos and profiles to choose from—and who knows if these profiles and photos are even accurate (is he really self-employed or a bum?), updated (is this photo even recent or from 10 years ago?), or even true (does she really hold a Master’s degree—did she really graduate from university at all?)?

If your friend is really keen on finding a love match—and, as a friend, you’re likewise really keen on helping her find it—then there’s really only one thing to do. Be an active, informed, and suave matchmaker.

You can do it with just one click of a finger. You can actually play matchmaker online by doing the introductions for your friend to a “prime target” via email. You simply send an email introduction to the PT (that’s your “Prime Target”) and redirect him/her to your friend’s online dating site profile. PT will then have access to your friend’s otherwise private profile—meaning your friend can control who can view his/her profile and, of course, as your friend’s official matchmaker, you can help her find these possible love match viewers. And since you—and not some stranger or computer!—made the connection, PT and friend will have plenty to talk about (they already have YOU in common) and they can take it from there. Of course, you can probably still get it wrong sometimes but this is tons better than making them connect in person, face to face immediately. The email correspondence is a smoother, less nerve-wracking way for them to make the transition from total strangers to acquaintances than an instant blind date!

Or you can also give out an ingenious little ‘introduction card’. It works as discreetly as a business card. You can give this card, which simply says “There’s someone I’d like you to meet,” to PT. No other personal information (so friend and you stay safe!) except for a URL and custom access code that invite the recipient to go online to view your friend’s private and secure online profile. Then, they can start connecting from there on as well!

See how easy finding a love match can be? That is the real art of matchmaking: tasteful, informed, and hassle-free—for you and your friend.