Men vs. women — understanding the bathroom gender divide

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(ARA) – Ever wonder what your significant other is doing behind the shower curtain? Whether the toilet seat is left up or down or the toothpaste cap is left on or off — the differences between men and women’s bathroom habits are undeniable.

A recent “Behind the Shower Curtain” study by Water Pik Inc. took a peek at how men and women spend their time in the bathroom, what they value most about their behind-the-curtain experience and the nuances between each gender’s bathroom behaviors.

While men and women spend plenty of time irritated with each other’s bathroom habits — it seems they can agree on one thing — low water pressure is the No. 1 bathroom pet peeve amongst both groups.

Take time to explore the advanced water technology available today. For instance, the Waterpik brand showerhead line has advanced OptiFLOW technology which delivers up to 30 percent more water force — even in its low-flow options.

While 50 percent of people think it’s a hassle to change modes while showering, it’s easy to elevate your shower experience. Try replacing your showerhead with the Waterpik EasySelect showerhead. It’s the first handheld showerhead that features a fingertip five-mode selector in the handle.