Navigating Long-distance Relationships

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(Article Dashboard) – You met last year on New Year’s Eve at Time Square and shared your first kiss at the stroke of midnight. You had an instant connection that you’ve never experienced with anyone in your history of gay dating – it was a perfect night!

But, there’s a downside – you were just visiting New York for the holidays. Your career, family, friends and dog are all in San Jose. Because you both have high-powered careers, you’ve only had the opportunity to spend a couple weekends visiting each other. When you’re together everything just feels so right though. It’s about time you have ‘the talk’ – should you try to make things work long distance or not? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? And most importantly, will you be happy?

Long-distance relationships can be extremely difficult and will definitely put your relationship to the test, but they are possible to maintain. There are scads of happy gay couples that make their relationships work even when they’re far apart physically. There are ways to keep your relationship alive. So as long as your partner is up for the challenge, go for it! Eventually you can take the next step and merge your lives into one by moving to the same city.

Long-distance relationships require extra attention and care to keep the connection and intimacy strong. Here are some tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship:

· Talk to your partner as much as possible, always share what’s going on in your life and ask questions about theirs to give one another a sense of being involved in one another’s daily lives

· Pursue meaningful activities in your regular schedule that help you develop as a person and prevent you from being lonely

· Stay positive and upbeat when communicating with your partner and affirm your feelings and commitment often

· Keep something that reminds you of your partner somewhere where you’ll see it often so you feel their presence

Once you’ve put a significant effort into making your long-distance love work, re-evaluate the situation. If you find that you’re suffering from the absence of physical affection, you fear that your partner may be disloyal, or the distance is a barrier to achieving the emotional intimacy you desire, it might be high time to get off the emotional roller-coaster ride of the long-distance relationship and find a compatible partner in San Jose.

Although it may be difficult to move on, remember there are plenty of fish in the sea and your odds of landing a great catch are especially high when you use a reputable same-sex dating service like Nuera Network. Nuera Network San Jose matches gay singles based on compatibility so you know you’ll meet the best matches for you who is also looking for love and a long-term commitment. Best yet, you’ll only be matched within San Jose. You’ll be able see your partner on a daily basis!

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