Seven tips to ensure a worry-free wedding day

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(ARA) – You can hear the wedding bells already, but before you say “I do,” there are a number of important things that you and your future spouse must do to become officially married.

Many newlyweds overlook the fact that a marriage is a legal contract. There are a number of legal steps that newlyweds must consider as part of the process, according to, the world’s leading online source of legal information for consumers.

Changing names: If you decide to change your legal name, it means changing your name on everything.

Marriage requirements: Each state has its own requirements for couples wishing to be married, some of which include: marriage licenses, blood tests or residency requirements.

Marriage ceremonies: Most states have legal requirements pertaining to the marriage ceremony itself, including who may perform the marriage ceremony and whether witnesses are required.

Prenuptial agreements: A prenuptial agreement can help define the property and financial rights and obligations of marrying spouses, including what will happen if the marriage ends.

Marriage, money and property: Become familiar with what is and is not considered marital or “community” property.

Wedding day contracts: Work as a team to carefully identify credible wedding day vendors.

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