Yearbooks: The original ‘social networking’ tool

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(ARA) – Yearbooks are the original social networking venue. Interactive and timeless, yearbooks tell the story of the year at a particular school reflecting its richness and diversity.

Everyone is Included

Inclusiveness is one of the key reasons yearbooks remain in demand. Technology provides an easy way for all students and parents to upload and share images with the yearbook staff.

Everyone is Connected

Yearbooks celebrate belonging, connection and personal experiences — things that remain essential, even in the digital age. This emphasis on inclusiveness and community-building is a guiding principal of Minneapolis-based Jostens, Inc., a leading producer of yearbooks and memory books.

Technology Supports Tradition

According to Jostens, the majority of schools offer “yearbook” as a class. The real world experience helps develop skills in journalism, leadership and business. In addition to photography, writing and design, many staffs tap into Facebook and MySpace to generate marketing buzz and invite students to share story ideas and photos.

While technologies change, good storytelling never goes out of style. As decades come and go, smiling teenagers will still be flipping through the freshly printed pages of their brand new yearbooks, asking friends for their autographs and sharing stories.