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(Article Dashboard) -While everyone invariably knows a happily married couple who did meet at a classy bar, bars are problematic. When you work in a downtown metropolitan city like New York, Boston, or San Francisco, where the public transit is excellent, and you can just hop onto the transit system to get safely home afterwards, a bar is fine for socializing….

But what if you are one of the millions of singles who works in an office park and must drive to get to and from work? To pursue meeting singles at the popular bars or pubs could be problematic, and you might run the risk of a DUI ticket.

* Online Dating Sites

A great advantage 21st century singles have now is the internet: Online Dating sites. Online Dating sites have been around since the early days of the internet, since 1995 or so. However, in the early days, Internet Dating was still an unusual way for singles to meet. And the many couples who met and married through the Online Dating sites, often found they needed to create a more socially acceptable story of how they met. But that is no longer. Online Dating is now totally mainstream.

Busy professional singles can readily, easily, and efficiently meet other singles online. Part of what makes internet dating so efficient for busy singles is you can search for criteria, values, and lifestyles which match and compliment your own well. While you do want to go a lot of dates to practice and refine your dating and relationship skills, you don’t want to needlessly waste your time on dates with people that are completely wrong for you. Then you enjoy First Dates that are great and avoid ones which are duds.

Pick an Online Dating site which has plenty of singles in your region and post your profile. You can get posted and started towards meeting your perfect match first date.