Ladder Theory Dating Tips For Making Good First Impressions

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(Article Dashboard) – The logic of the Ladder Theory follows that men are more comfortable having sex with females friends while women make a clearer distinction between friends and lovers. Thus, initial impressions will either be compatible for a romantic relationship or simply create a strong separation in perception and lead to a strictly platonic friendship. This process of classification and ranking is known as a “ladder.”

Of course, the Ladder Theory follows a general statistical percentage for the basis each sex places on attraction during the initial encounter. Basically, this means the kinds of things each sex looks for in order to make a quick decision to pursue a romantic relationship with the other person in question, or not.

The Ladder Theory’s collected points of attraction show a stark difference between how the sexes perceive desirable/attractive traits. Men place 60% of the attraction on looks, 30% on how easily they believe they can sleep with a woman, and 10% on other factors (intelligence, etc). Women on the other hand place 50% of their attraction basis on a man’s wealth or percieved power, 40% on attraction, and 10% on other factors.

That being said, there are clearly some “Do’s and Don’ts” to the Ladder Theory. If followed, they should yield impressive results in terms of making favorable first impression on the opposite sex. Below we have provided some basic examples of Ladder Theory “Do’s and Don’ts” for your advantage.

Ladder Theory Do’s and Don’ts:

Males should not make it seem that they are only interested in how attractive or willing their female counterpart is to have sex. Remember guys, ladies are attracted mainly to a man who can provide some kind of security (financial stability). This means men should definitely talk up their selling points, such as their education, accomplishments, and economical growth.

Women should not go out looking like they just got out of bed, or bore a man by keeping a huge personal space bubble. Instead, they should place a greater emphasis on their looks and flirting. We know this sounds silly, but it is true. This technique becomes a means for a woman to see a man’s true colors. If she looks good and is flirting, will the man try to cut straight to sex and expose his intentions, or will he maintain a consistent behavior and engage her, which is much more desirable.

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